College students are participated in Gujarat University Organized Youth Festival on 10/09/09&11/09/09 at Gujarat University Campus

The area of participation was Quiz, Elocution, Debate, Mimicry, Rangoli, and Collage Making.

Anubhav Singh got 2nd place in Mimicry Competition. He has also selected for Inter Zone Youth Festival Competition.*Unnat Bhavsar also got place in Top three winners of Guj.Uni.North Zone Collage Making Competiion.He has also selected for Inter Zone Youth Festival Competition.

Following students are participated in Youth Festival 2009-2010

  1. Anubhav Singh –ME-Mimicry
  2. Unnat Bhavsar –CE-Collage Making
  3. Miraj Mor –CE-RangoliDenish Kashipara-ME-Elocution
  4. Denish Kashipara-ME-Elocution
  5. Azharkhan Pathan-EE-Debate
  6. Abad Syad –ME-Quiz
  7. Dhaval –EE-Quiz
  8. Deep – EC-Quiz

  • IIHT Organized Inter College Dance Competition on 12/09/09 Student from ME Dept.Harsh Shah has got 2nd place in this Competition.
    Mamta IAS Academy Organized Debate Competition on 20/09/09 at Mamta IAS Academy. Student from ME Dept.Jainil Bhatt has got 2nd place in this Competition.
  • Shri Shankralok Ashram and Uma Arts & Nathiba Mahila College Organized Intercollegiate Debate Competition on 20/11/09 at Pharmacy hall, Sector -23, Gandhinagar.
    Student from ME Dept.Manglesh Patel participated in this competition.
  • Workshop Organized by Rotary Club, Gandhinagar on14/11/09to16/11/09.
    Two students from 2nd Sem. EC Dept. are participated in this workshop
    1 Rahul Wadhvani, 2 Smit
  • Thalassemia Awareness & Testing Camp Organized by LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar on
    20/11/09, 21/11/09, 25/11/09 & 26/11/09, at LDRP ITR Campus.549 students of 3rd Sem. and 434 students of 1sem. EC/CE/EE/ME/IT/MBA/MCAare actively participated in this camp.
  • Vote for Peace26/11/09 LDRP ITR has given tribute to all 26/11 victim and our brave soldiers by conducting vote for peace 26/11/09 at Campus.
  • Blood Donation Camp organized by LDRP ITR & SAHYOG MANDAL at LDRP ITR college campus on 25/11/09.
  • College organized Lecture on Swami Vivekananda on 18/01/10.Mr.Rajnikant Bhatt has given speech on ‘Swami Vivekananda life and his message to youth’.
  • Inter College Quiz Competition organized by Jalaram Mandir Trust on 26/01/10.Two groups are participated in this completion.
    Jainil Bhatt & Manish Patel frin ME Dept.have got 4th place in this Competition.
    Abad Syad & Akshay Khammar from ME Dept.also participated in this competition
  • IIT-Gandhinagar Organized ‘DANCE OFF’Inter College Competition on 25/01/10 at IIT Campus.Anmol Shah from 2nd CE has got 1st place in ‘DANCE OFF’ Competition Around 20 colleges participated in this Competition.
  • CWDC organized an Expert Lecture on Women Power & Women Rights ON 12/03/10 at LDRP ITR Seminar Hall. Lecture taken by Dr.Meera Ram Nivas (CID,Crime against Women & Child)
  • Chandkheda Visvkarma college Organized Inter College Solo Dance Comp on 25/03/100 at Chandkheda Vishvkarma college Campus. Harsh Shah 2n ME got 1st place in Inter College solo dance Comp
  • Chandkheda Visvkarma college Organized Group Dance Competition on 25/03/10 students from EE Dept.have got 1st place in this competition.