Department Established year: 2006


BE: 60

Mission and Vision of your department:


The first most prime important mission of the EC department is to produce the engineer to use their skill for entrepreneurship. Our efforts will be to have the proper placement of the Graduate engineers through our LDRP INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH. Contribute to overall techno-economical development of the State in particular and Nation in general and improve quality of life of communities.”


  • Our vision is to start post graduate courses in Electronics & communication fields, are as follows:-


  • The next phase is definitely towards Consultancy, Testing and R&D activities, which will be taken up by the EC department. The student can take the guidance from the faculty for the Research work for the award of their Ph.D. Degree.
  • Consultancy program for design work of various products which are related to the field.
  • Industry interfacing for the placement and training.

Total number of laboratories with Names: 09

  1. Basic Electronics

Linear Electronics,

Advance Electronics

Integrated Circuits and Applications

Control system

  1. Communication

Electronic Communication

Digital Communication

Optical Fiber Communication

Wireless & Mobile Communication

Telecommunication Switching & Networks

  1. Radar and AVS

Radar and Navigational Aids

Satellite Communication

Audio Video Systems

  1. VLSI Technology & Digital Electronics

VLSI Technology and Design

Digital Logic Design

Power Electronics

  1. Testing & Measurements

Electronics Workshop/Project

Electronic Measurements and Measuring Instruments

Electronics Manufacturing and Testing

  1. Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Systems

Microprocessor Architecture & Interfacing

Microcontroller and Interfacing

Advance Microprocessor

Robotics Engineering

  1. Antenna & Electromagnetics

Antenna & Wave Propagation

Microwave Engineering

  1. Networking & Signal Processing

Data Communication and Networking

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Image Processing